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May 26, 2010
Hello everyone.
I'm retrofitting an existing coop. I have a nice large zig-zag area for a run that is at the edge of the woods. We have skunk, racoon, possum, probably fox, and deer.

Half of the area has some sort of wooden fence, either the side of the coop, a garage or 6' tall cedar fence. I work about an hour away from home, so I'll want the girls to be in the run unattended and secure.

Can I simply attach hardware cloth to the existing wooden structure? Should I completely enclose the run in wire in spite of the wooden barriers? Must I cover the top?
Thank you.
The best solution I've found is running hotwire around the top and bottom of the run... 6 inches from the top, and 6-12 inches above the ground. I haven't lost anything to bobcats, raccoons, or possums since I installed it, except for the night I forgot to turn the charger back on. I had the run covered before, but raccoons always managed to find a way in.

I also use Round-Up to kill all the vegetable around the run. If a weed touches the hotwire, it can ground it out. So I keep the ground cover killed about 2 feet out, all around the perimeter.

Good luck!

Kathy in Texas

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