Predators going THROUGH the fence

Barn Maid Ann

14 Years
Oct 28, 2008
Punta Gorda, FL
We moved from CT, where we had chain link coop (chicken wire top), to FL where we have chicken wire panels all the way around. We have had everything from raccoons, skunks, and possums get in small openings, or pushing under, and killing birds.
But for the first time ever, something tore through the wire. I have never talked to anyone who had this happen in all these years, even with just chicken wire. But now all my "expert" friends are telling me that chicken wire is easily chewed thru by coons and possums. And one even told me about a friend who had a possum get through chain link! :-o
Is this as common as they tell me?!
BTW, we apparently have a neighbor with two pit bull pups. They have been on our property recently just racing wildly all about the place. They look to be just under a year. I am suspicious and want to get a trail cam set up.
So 2 questions.
1. What fencing is actually and totally chew proof?
2. Trail cam recommendations.
I also live in the middle-of-nowhere Florida and have gone through losing my entire flock because of my old coop.

I've always had open air coops, for the horribly hot and humid summers. Like previously mentioned chicken wire is for keeping chickens in (or out of a beautiful garden).

Always go for some type of welded wire. There's two ways for stopping predators from digging they're way into your coop. One, what I did, is dig 1-2 feet deep around the coop and bury hardware cloth/welded wire so no animal can dig in.

Two, a Skirt, take some hardware cloth and bring it around the coop like a skirt. An animal trys to dig right next to the fence and can't so they give up.

Always make sure no animal paw can get through the fence. Raccoons are notorious for sticking their grubby little paws through fence and dragging a Chicken head through and snapping they're neck. That's one thing I hate, it's a complete waste of a hen or rooster.

Hardware cloth should also be used around the top of the coop. Where a animal can get on the roof, rip their way in and climb right in to a predators paradise! (And a chicken parents worst nightmare.)

Electric fencing will be your best bet for keeping predators away.

I hope you can keep those predators away from your flock!

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