Predators or chickens?? I need idea's.


12 Years
Mar 9, 2008
Bloomsburg, PA
Here’s what’s going on, my Buff and While Orpingtons are 32 weeks.

I have 9 pullets and 2 other hens. Some days I was finding 3 to 4 eggs.

They didn’t want to lay in the nesting boxes they were laying on the ground of the barn, so I moved the box to the ground hoping they would go in then. I have wooden eggs in there to show them where to go. Yesterday

I noticed all the straw was out of the bottom of the boxes (5) of them. I had 2 eggs on the ground in the barn so I left them there, this morning they were gone. I don’t know if the pullets are eating them or something is coming in and getting them. Any idea’s on what to do?
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Is that not a beautiful animal. Do they do that at night? I did have a 6 to 7 foot black snake by the barn a couple of years ago maybe it came back.

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Achickenwrangler#1 :

no wonder the chickens don't wanna go in there

That thing isn't in my barn.
But if it was I would move it out and into the woods before I would kill it. I think they are beautiful.​
yeah, can you imagine the chickens, you're trying to push them in, they got their feet and wings on the door jambs, heck no we won't go in there, bawk!
It is a beautiful and benefical reptile but I don't want it around my chicks or eggs!! I'd like to see one though instead of all the copperheads we have...I used to catch them (black snakes)and turn them loose in the barn , cause the cats can't get around stacked hay bales, never had another mouse issue.

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