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    Dec 20, 2011
    My mother and I used to always let our chickens free range for an hr or so and then put them back in their perspective runs..... Now we can't do that. Stray dogs run rampid and are believe to be the loss of one of our Lav. Orps as well another pullet we had. Plus there are hawks showing up everywhere lately, not just flying overhead, but perching on top of our coop, and state says we cant shoot the hawk until its too late basically....Is there a way to deter the predators so our chickens can free range again?
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Closely supervising them while they range is the only way to deter predators during free-ranging. Some folks get livestock guardian dogs to protect the flock during free-range time. And you can't molest hawks period unless you have a permit.

    Sorry. I've had to stop free-ranging my birds on several occasions over the years due to predators getting too bold so don't feel bad. It happens. Your birds will survive the inconvenience, but they may not survive an attack, so they'll have to deal with it. They'll appreciate free-ranging all the more when they get to do it next.

    Good luck.
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    Sep 27, 2010
    In the 2 years I have had chickens I have lost one, my silkie, to a coyote about 2 weeks ago, I am now looking at getting a miniature donkey...they hate dogs/coyotes and will chase them off. I do have cattle and horses, but they care less about the coyotes, unless they have just delivered a calf, as we just did have happen on Sunday...

    Close supervision, and a guardian animal are the best deterrents.
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    Quote:Cannot comment on Feral dogs as I dont have that issue. Hawks however are another matter. I believe its a felony to shoot a hawk or other such bird of prey so DONT DO IT. We have lots of Coopers Hawks around here and Redtails. I have yet to see a Redtail pay the slightest attention to my chickens although they get a bad rap for being chicken killers. Coopers hawks on the other hand ARE chicken serial killers and swoop in 2 foot off the ground to kill a chicken that weighs more than it does.
    Make sure your run is at least half as high as it is wide, hawks cannot fly straight up and dont seem too keen on going into a place they cannot get out of. Also in my experience, hawks wont come to the ground if a dog, goat or some other precieved 4 legged threat is about and free. If you have a dog that you can trust around chickens, let him run free to deter such attacks. Not guarateed but its seems to work for me. Hope this helps.

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