Preditors, coon or mink?

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    My favorite hen loretta (French Blue Copper Maran) was found about a week ago to be sick, she stayed in the coop when the other 20 chickens was let out. I was told and went out within a minet or two and she was then in the yard and died within a minet. I looked her over and could not find anything wrong.
    Yesterday I had a Delaware hen come up missing, This evening I had a French Black Copper Maran hen go down in the yard. It was about an hour before dark, she also died within a few minets. I checked her out and found she had a sharp piece of her neck bone that was about to come thru the skin. It felt like maybe her neck was broke, but no blood of injury that I could see.
    About an hour later there was three coons in a tree behind the chicken barn, well one got away.
    the others found a live trap and was relocated.
    I have had trouble with minks in the past and lost as many as 15 1/2 grown chickens a nite. every chicken in that coop was dead, and I replaced them with 10 more and they were all dead two nites later. The preditor was a mink. I cought him in a trap and hung trap with mink in a near by tree where all his buddies could see him. I had no more trouble for two years.
    I Can't understand how these 2 recent healthy laying hens died, with no visual signs of blood.
    Has anyone seen anything like this, or have any idea's?

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