preening my baby silkies

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8 Years
May 9, 2011
I have 8, month old Silkies. I love to hold them on my lap and preen them. I run my fingers through their feathers and pull off their old fluff. Is this ok, or am I pulling out their baby feathers prematurely and doing damage? A couple of them love it and will stretch out and fall asleep. A couple of them are not as fond of it.

Also, although they are all the same age they are feathering in at very different rates. Is this an indication of gender? Is it anything to do with color? or completely random.

I got an assortment. I thought I knew what they were but as they grow out I am not sure. One is definitely black. Two are gray. Two are partridge, I think. The one I thought was white seems to have splashes of black growing in(is this a normal color variation) The other two may be buff and white or 2 buff???

I can't tell the difference from pictures between gray and blue? Can anyone help. And, how red are reds? Like a rir color?

Any insight would be great. I have only had a few hens for a few years, but have suddenly become obsessed!

of the silkie links here might not work, but feathersite is a "spend hours browsing" site!

I would just gently pet the silkies, not pull the feathers. Let THEM tell you if you are being too rough with the feathers, IMO.

Sorry I don't know the answers to your other questions.

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