Preparing for one lone chicken..........


12 Years
Oct 26, 2007
I got my 17 chickens 12 years ago this coming June. Through various accidents and illnesses, I lost 15 of them over the years. Now I'm down to 2. But one of them is getting sick. She has had a bad limp for a year, but was doing fine in spite of it. When I took her to the exotic vet's office last year, they did xrays and said it looks like she might have a small tumor in that area. I'm thinking the tumor has slowly enlarged and is maybe obstructing her digestion. She has stuff in her crop that won't go down (I'm massaging it), and she's been pooping only liquid for awhile. Her lower abdomen is enlarged and very firm. I'm giving her antibiotics, but I doubt that will help. I just want to keep her comfortable.

So.........when she dies, that will leave 1 hen. Fortunately, this hen is quite a loner. She seems content to sleep by herself and not do much with the other hen.
I'm not interested in getting more chickens right now. I'm getting older and can't do as much as I used to.
Anyhow....I guess what I'm asking is: Is there anything I can do if she does get lonely? Would a radio help? No, I'm not bringing her into the house..
I have feared this for several years now.....only having 1 left and not quite knowing what to do to make it easier on her.
Any suggestions?
I have loved my chickens and will truly miss the whole experience. But right now, I need to figure out how to keep Kiwi happy, after Skunk is gone. :(
I'm only in this 3 weeks & a day, however I've lost one baby to an accident & found it very emotionally painful. I would think, that even though they were not the best of friends, they still had some kind of relationship (think of the movie Grumpy Old Men). I would keep an eye out on her & spend some good time with her to ease the transition. Having kept the girls that long is a testament to your love and care you have given. Hopefully the sick one will have minimal pain, which is what we all hope for and I hope things go well for you.
Thanks so much shorttimer. Your words were a good reminder for me that the one left behind might still sense a loss.
I will spend more time with her. I've grieved each time every one of the other 15 died.
Thanks again!

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