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Black wallnut

6 Years
Sep 23, 2013
Based on what I have read on this site I built over the weekend a box to cure one of my hens from being broody. The below box has a built-in mini feeder and a 1/4" hardware cloth bottom, plywood sides and lid. for water I placed a chick quart sized waterer inside. I'll let you know how it works out for me.

This is from the chicken chick-THE BROODY BREAKERTo break a broodies, I use a proven and reliable method consisting of a wire-bottomed cage placed in a well-lit location. As soon as a broody is identified, she goes into the Broody Breaker. A rabbit hutch serves this purpose perfectly. The wire bottomed cage allows cooler air to circulate under the hen, cooling off her belly/breast.

Since my Broody Breaker was occupied with adolescent chicks,
this broody had been sitting for several days & will take more than a week to break.

The Broody Breaker is Rachel's second home. Cochins are
well known for their propensity for broodiness.​
I think your unit will make them remain looks dark and warm. To discourage broody they need bright light and cool air, away from a nest.
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