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I ordered hatching eggs and an incubator from two separate sources. Not sure which is coming first, and I don't mean the chicken or the egg. How long can the hatching eggs survive after they arrive if the incubator isn't available? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated by me and my two granddaughters.
Thanks much.
Thanks for the quick reply. I hope the breeder will provide the date with the eggs! What do I need to do to keep them alive in the meantime? Do the eggs need to be kept at a certain temperature before going into the incubator?
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I put mine on a towel on a cookiesheet, at room temperature. Don't wash them. Turn them 3 times a day.
Good luck!!!
I put ours in the cellar. Just make sure they don't freeze or get too warm. They should be stored large end up. You can keep them in an egg carton and use a stick or block under one side to turn them, changing sides it is under 3-5 times a day.
Good Luck!
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