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Discussion in 'Quail' started by QChickieMama, Jan 20, 2012.

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    Oct 1, 2011
    We recently gave all our quail some pellet feed--it was recommended by the guy at Southern States so we could avoid medicated food. But, it seems that 80% of the pellets have been wasted, pecked out of the feeder and fallen to the poopy ground below. Ugh. I took a bucket of the pellets and tried to grind them in my food processor. Ha. Silly me. It just made a fine powdery dust plus half-size pellets.

    I finally went out and found some crumbles feed, but I'm left with 2 questions:

    What to do with the leftover 50# pellets?

    And, how to prevent food wastage? I use a variety of feeders for the bobs and coturnix; none seems to help them just eat the silly food. They really want to spill it all over.
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    maybe invest in some turkeys to eat that gamebird feed?.. [​IMG] lol.. just a thought

    I use the trough style feeders that have holes in it for their heads.. works the best for me so far

    there is another member here who makes something similar from plumbing pipe with kind of a rounded zigzag pattern cut through it.. dunno if they have posted any for sale since we got the new format or not.

    if you scroll down in that post there is a pic of one of the feeders he makes
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    Try a rolling pin lay pellers on hard surface .cover with cloth and roll or pound.As for feeeders above they work real well...cva34
  4. Since the quail can't eat the bigger pellets, crush them up with whatever method works for you and you can still use the feed without it going to waste. Burlap and a rubber mallet, or whatever you have available.

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