Preventing Mr. Racoon from getting to chickens

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by SusanD, Feb 2, 2016.

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    I heard some rustling when I went out to check on my chickens tonight (I'm hoping it was just a stray cat). That being said, it did make me think about how me we might better racoon proof our coop. I'm not sure I trust the latch on the nest boxes, and I really don't trust that latch on the door. Does anyone have any suggestions on latches that are good at keeping out raccoons?

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    Dec 7, 2011
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    Or use multiple low-end latches. Placement just as important as latch quality in a setup like that. Place additional latches near the upper and lower corners of door. Raccoons I had as pets more often than not gained entry by prying open door at one of corners away from hinge and getting their head in. Once head was started raccoon could force its way in relatively easily. Generally I like to keep raccoon from even coming into contact with coop. Hotwire is my preferred approach although you would have to use your imagination on how to apply it without messing up access to a small fenced in backyard. Trapping in an urban setting would be a never ending story. Also try making so feed smell around coop is less enticing so raccoon less inclined to try. A dog can help.
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    Thanks for your replies. Centrachid, I don't think my parents would go for hotwiring (an electric fence?), but I think we can make the coop safer. I will look into adding some extra/different latches. I have been putting their feeder in their coop for the night to keep from attracting rodents, but I'm sure a racoon or a rat could probably smell it Would it be safer to bring it into the garage?
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    I don't think a coon would be interested in smelling out the feed to eat it. If one is coming its coming for your chickens. I suggest putting a couple solar nite eyes around your coop. Look them up on They arent very expensive. I have never tried them but plan to put some up in the spring. I have heard they work great.

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