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    I am a chicken farmer just starting out. I raise and sell red and white Cornish chickens. I put them in a brooder house until they are three weeks old then I put them in another pen until they are 8 weeks old then a guy comes out and gets them. my question is this after there 3 weeks old i put them in a pen where my other birds were at is that bad? I don't want any of my birds to get disease and die any ideas on what to do to stop them from getting sick?
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    You can Sterilize each area the birds were in after each cycle. Take out all litter, wash all water/feed bowls, perches, and anything else the birds had contact with. I suggest bleach/water solution and invest in a power washer.

    You did not say if you hatch the chicks yourself or if they are brought in.
    If they are brought in as chicks, you are depending on if the chick supplier keeps their birds healthy and disease free.

    If you have an existing flock that you do no let him take, i would separate them upwind and practice bio-security measures to prevent diseases from spreading between flocks.

    Other thoughts:

    Prevent wild birds from entering or pooping in and around your pens.
    Have a special pair of boots just to use for walking around in the pen.
    Do not let visitors near the pen(s)
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    I use a veterinary disinfectant called Novalsan.

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