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It all depends on weight and destination if you don't use the flat rate... 2 lbs. to a neighboring state (for me) recently was only $4.90, same in a flat rate would have been $9.80. However, 2 lb. across the country would be comparable to the flat rate.
I use the 12 x 12 x 12 Priority mail box, but it actually costs more if you use it to ship towards the west coast. If it's within a few states of my state it only cost about $9 - $10.00. You can order them at
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I just sent out a box this a.m. that weighed 2 lb., 13.5 ozs. - it went to a neighboring state, and I used the 12x12x8 box. Regular priority, not flat rate - it was $6.95.
I use the 12 x 12 x 8 box and my dozen+ eggs alway weight between 3 and 4 lbs, so they go out at the 4 lb weight. I cannot properly cushion a dozen + in a flat rate box. It's not big enough. At 4 lbs, this box usually falls in the $7 - $12 range, depending on how far you're shipping.
I use the same, and I think most of the eggs I have received are in this box. Though if I run out I will use larger boxes from the grocery store, just add more padding and turn them inside out so the fragile and hatching egg markings stand out more.
I use the 12x12x8 and 7x7x6 I think it is. They are the #4 and #7 boxes. Most of the time I can get 13 or 14 Cuckoo Maran eggs in the 7x7 packing the DipseyDoodleDoo way. When sending larger amounts of eggs I try not to use the flat rate boxes because they seem thinner to me.
I use the smaller box inside of the medium to large size boxes. I find shipping this way is better on the eggs IMO

You can order (FOR FREE) Priority boxes online and they will just drop them off at your house. Sometimes our PO is out of the size boxes I like so I just get mine online and don't have to worry.
IF YOUR ARE SHIPPING 6 TO 18 EGGS YOU CAN USE A 7X7X6 BOX #4 .CUT EGG CARTON IN HALF. PUT SHREDDED NEWSPAPER IN THE BOTTOM OF THE EGG CARTON PUT IN EGGS POINT DOWN THEN MORE PAPER ON TOP SHUT CARTON. SO YOU CANT HERE EGGS MOVE WHEN SHUT TAPE EGG CARTON SHUT. put balled up news paper in the bottom of box set in the box 2 egg cartons turn one on the side and put in pack around cartons with newspaper real tight and on the top.when box is closed it fits tight. there should be no movement during shipping. i shipped 144 eggs this way not one was broken. this is the way i ship got many replies that was the best shipping they have ever seen. its how you pack your eggs that counts.

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YES, I received some scrambled eggs this way. If there is no room for controlled movement the eggs even if they don't break feel and receive every shock. This is why DOT helmets are so bulky instead of novelty helmets. The padding is designed to give under shock. If there is not enough padding in the box and the eggs they are going to be useless. I can not even fit six bantam eggs in a #4 box. By the time I wrap my eggs twice with bubble and twice with paper they are 3 times the size. The boxes are free, I do not understand the reason not to use as big a box as possible, for maybe half a buck more on shipping cost. Also once newspaper gets damp from egg yolk it is useless for the remaining eggs. No offense intended.

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