Probably a stupid question.


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I know alot of you will probably think this is a dumb question. But, here it goes. What are dry land ducks? I was at my sons school yesterday and was talking with an aide who also had chickens. I was interested in buying some hatching eggs from her. So, we were talking about all our other animals and she metioned she had two "dry land ducks" she was interested in giving away. I know dry land ducks don't require a pond or alot of water. That is the limit of my knowledge. I don't know what breed they are or anything. They are two males. Will they get along together? Is that why she's interested in giving them away? What in the world do they eat? Do they need different feed than chickens? What sort of housing do they need? I know they don't roost. So would a large dog house in an inclosed run be o.k.? I am seriously considering accepting them but want to be responcilble and give them all the things they need to be healthy. And of course to spoil them too. I make babies out of all of my animals. Thanks in advance for any answers. I knew if I wanted strait answers this was the place to go.
Not a stupid question at all :)....I'm not really sure there is a such thing as a dryland duck
They all need water, to clean themselves and to clean their nostrils out. Maybe Muscovies? Some of them would prefer land to water but I'm not sure, mine throughly enjoy their kiddie pool. Drakes should get along if there are no females around, and keep them away from the chickens as they could and probably will try and mate with them and it won't end well for the hens. You can get Flock Raiser, or Dumor feed to feed ducks....chickens can also eat it, but feed made just for chickens isn't good for them, from what I have read.

You could just go look at these ducks to see what kind they are.....I'm curious lol
Hmm hard to say i know Muscovy are touted often to not need water other than for drinking however in my experience i find this rather misleading, all of mine enjoy a pool, they do not need ponds but i would not recommend they have no access to enough water to bathe or dive in.

The previous poster pretty much covered the rest, i would go see them.. you'll know if they are 'scovies especially being drakes they have red fleshy parts on their faces.
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No such thing as a dumb question!

All of my ducks do not get a pool everyday, but love the kitty pool when they do have access to it. There are a ton of people who don't know what they have, I answered and ad for two female mallards a few years ago.... As soon as I saw them I knew they were rouens, still brought them home but were not what the kid thought they were.

I am guessing you will just have to go and see the ducks to figure out what they are!

I keep my chickens, turkeys and ducks together but they have the full barn to the flock. I feed chicken feed but add vitamins in the water in winter. I keep the water in one area so the ducks don't get everything wet. I have mallards, rouens, WH, and pekings.

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