Problem Rooster, but we really like him.

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7 Years
May 28, 2012
First time poster and first time chicken owner as of this Feb. We have a mixed flock of about 23 birds, 8 are bantums. They are half free range as they have about 1600 sqft with a smaller secured coop area, and they get on in the yard on weekends. We have one full sized rooster. He is a very handsome Barred hybred with feathered feet. Not really sure how we ended up with him, i think the guy we bought them from threw him in gratis.

Anyways, he's began to be fairly aggressive with several of out other birds, including the bantum hens. He pecks their head and kind of roughs them up. What has us most troubled is that he has also singled out our favorite americana that is really tame. She is so stressed by it that she either won't come out of the coop at all or will come out and then fly out and spend the day in the yard by her self. If we try to put her back in, the rooster comes across the coop like a dart and goes at her.

I understand the whole breeding thing, but is this behavior something we can expect to continue or something he (they) will grow out of? We like the rooster, but my wife gets upset by this behavior and it doesn't really make sense to me. We also have 3 or four bantum roosters. Are they going to start beating on the bantum hens? We have someone who may be interested in the rooster for their flock, but how can i be sure he's not going to start problems there? Thanks for reading. I would appreciate experienced replies only.
Some young roosters become hen aggressive when they first sexually mature. Once they 'perfect' their technique they MAY settle down. It sounds as if there is something else going on with this rooster, and if he were mine I would cull him. Chickens should be a pleasure - not an aggravation.
you could try chicken tie out...some use it for their roosters. That way the hens can move away from his unwanted attention and he must learn how to behave if he wants anything from them...
This method is, I read, quite in use by people keeping multiple roosters of game chickens breeds...

But it can also be he is genetically the way he is...

Anyway, I don't have much experience but I have been on different forums and seen people do as suggested...You can take this advice or ignore it - it is up to you....
But if you ask me, youve got nothing to loose by trying...

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