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    Dec 21, 2010
    I have about 45 chicken and only 2 of my rooster are acting strange, the shake their heads from side to side. Only two roosters out of 6. The also seem to lose their balance sometimes. The are free range birds on about 5 acres. The are healthy ,eat well and take care of their ladies. Anyon that has ever had this problem , pleas let me know. Your help would be greatly appreciated. The birds seem to be in no danger just would like to know. Thanks
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    First thing I would do, if they were my guys - is catch them and look them over really good. Even if I did not see lice/mites - I would dust anyway - winter is a time of little dustbathing for the chickens and the pests seem to know it.

    Also check their weight and then isolate so I could watch them eat/drink and see what shape the stuff is in coming out.

    Then depending upon what I see, treat accordingly.

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