Problems during hatcher test run! HELP!!


8 Years
Jan 2, 2012
Deerfield, NH
I am incubating with a forced air LG and have perfection! 99.5 and 40% - 50% humidity at all times! I have the first 15 eggs going into lockdown on Saturday so I did a test run with the hatcher which is a still air LG. I got it to hold temp for hours but no matter how much water I put in I can't get above 61% humidity! Any ideas? I was thinking tryig out putting a humidifier in the room with the hatcher! Could that help the humidity inside the bator? Also my FA LG does not get the top bolts hot at all but the SA LG had them boiling hot to touch! Is that normal??
I don't have an LG but I do have a still air hovabator that I use as a hatcher. To get the humidity up take a small glass and fill it with water then stick a sponge in it so it sticks up above the top of the glass this will help a lot. Also take paper towels and wet them wet and fold them and put them around the inside edges. Don't know about the bolt temps but make sure you temp it with a trusted thermometer so you don't accidently cook your eggs
. Is this your first hatch? How eggggciting
how long have you waited for the humidity to rise? i think humidity takes longer than temp to get up there. and the wet sponges+paper towels is a great idea, but if for some reason the humidity just will not rise, when the eggs are in lockdown you could try getting a little squirt bottle, (NOT one that used to hold windex, glass cleaner, etc. one thats only held water.) and filling it with warm water around 80-90 degrees and spritzing the inside walls of the incubator just a little bit and seeing how it effects the humidity. although, opening the incubator during lockdown will change the temperature.. but i guess while your test running you could give it a try.

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