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    I have a white leghorn that started laying about 2 weeks ago. She has layed pretty regualrly. She hasn't laid anything in about 4 days, but she sits in the nest box everyday for awhile. Yesterday, the box had some sticky yellow residue in it, but a new chicken laid, so I thought it had something to do with it. Today I found what appears to be the remnants of a rubbery egg out in the coop. I wonder if she laid it yesterday and they pulled it out. It was super rainy and muddy yesterday, so it could have easily been in the coop and I didn't see it. Anyways, if she is sitting and not laying, when or how would I know if she is having a problem? She is my only white egg layer, so I know for sure she is not laying, unless the rubbery thing is indeed an egg. This is my first flock, so all advice is welcome!!

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    New layers often have a few glitches with their egg tract equipment. She was probably trying to work a misfire (jello egg) out when she was sitting so often. It may have gotten busted in the nest (hence the yellowish stuff) and then pulled out and eaten, or she could have passed it wherever you found the stringy stuff.
    Chicken misfires can include passing white/yolk with nothing else - gooey mess, jello eggs - only a bouncy membrane surrounding the yolk/white, tissue paper shell, etc.
    My hens have a hard time passing jello eggs, I suppose because there's nothing solid for the muscles to bear down on to move it along???
    I wouldn't worry unless she hunches up (and stays that way for several days), or unless she isn't back on track laying good eggs within about two weeks or so.

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