Processed First Sheep EVER !


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Feb 20, 2008
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I posted a while back about an aggressive ram that had been butting me every time I walked in the barnyard. Well, I finally got up the nerve to have him taken in for processing. I was depressed all day long because this was the first animal ever that I have had to process. My animals are my hobby, therefore have only been pets. I had relatives take him in because I couldn’t be a part of that process. Well, they took him in on Thursday and the butcher explained that he would be processed on Friday and that we could go back on Saturday morning at 7am and tell him how we wanted the meat cut. Well, I was a nervous wreck all day and all night. I woke up early that morning and was ready to go. We got there at exactly 7am. They bought my ram out and put him on the butcher’s block. Just watching his body being brought out and placed on the butcher’s block was unbearable for me. I began to cry. My relative saw me crying and ordered me to go and get in the truck. I did as such but was only there for a few minutes until I re-gained my composure. I then went back in and watched the meat being cut. It was definitely an experience. He dressed out at only 94lbs. I thought he would be more but he wasn’t. The final cost was $51.00. I now have a freezer full of meat. I guess I could get accustomed to having meat from my own animals.


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At least you did the right thing and dignity for the sheep.

At least you would enjoy the sheep that he meant to provide for you and your family meat. Say your prayers at the supper table, giving thanks to the ram for providing a delicious meal.

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