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Discussion in 'Quail' started by Hrairoo, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Alright so I processed 1 quail for the first time, and I have tow more waiting... My poultry shears are apparently not good, and I went to close them around the bird's neck but nothing happened... So, I needed a cone. First tried a ketchup bottle (it was too small) then and ACV bottle (too big). I then wrapped the bird in a blue shop towel and taped it around, so the bird was securely wrapped. Then I put it in the too big cone, and it was all fine and dandy. Pulled the neck and with fillet knife i cut the head off.

    Then I broke the legs with the shears, then cut through them with the fillet knife, everything went smoothly. Then came the wings, broke them at the first joint, cut them off with the knife. Then it was time to skin, yea? Well pinched the skin on the breast and pulled and pulled but nothing ripped, I must've missed the spot where it rips easily. So I cut the skin open with the knife and started skinning, but it was really hard to do on the back, there was also a good amount of fat.... I actually couldnt get most of the skin off the back so I pulled the feathers out there. After that, with the poultry shears, I started cutting the spine out, boy did I destroy the lungs! After getting everything out and doing little touch ups I stuck the meat in the fridge in a bowl of ice.

    Anyone have any tips to make this go along more smoothly, or at least be less time consuming?
    I can't stand on my feet too long without getting to be in a large amount of pain...
  2. Hrairoo

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    When I broke the wings the bones shattered...
  3. Everlong

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    May 17, 2016
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    Yeahh, keep them alive for eggs
  4. Hrairoo

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    They were free at 2 years old, 11 males, 2 females.... lots of physical issues, blindness and mangled feet, eyelids overgrown over the eyes.... what else am I to do?
  5. Everlong

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    May 17, 2016
    Mississauga, Ontario
    Dont know;) i wouldnt have eaten them ;)
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    Will come down to a matter of practice.

    I also tried the shears and they were not as quick and clean as they should be.

    I dont bother with cones. Just grasp the bird firmly with wings tucked up next to body and use a sharp knife on the chopping block.

    Ive also found if you do it outside and have a good area set up it is easy enough to sit down through the whole process. You can sit and take your time to pluck with a bin in front of you.
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    Dec 30, 2013
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    I just did 12 of my oldsters. Same thing, health issues but they were almost three so lived way longer than most coturnix. They can get bad arthritis just like humans and have a hard time getting around!

    Get you a really good set of kitchen shears and practice with them using chicken meat your family or dog is going to eat. You will get used to using them on the bigger pieces of meat. Chicken necks are perfect for practice! If you hold your hand over the quail's back with the wings flat against the back so it can't flap and injure itself then with the other hand use the scissors at the base of the head where it meets the neck. You need to place the neck at the very inside of the scissor blade don't use the tips, and give a fast but firm cut. The bird will die instantly and humanely. It's very quick! Your practice with the chicken meat will pay off! There are some good youtube videos on processing quail, they really helped me when I did my first quail processing. This was the best one by one of our members here.

    And this one on finishing the carcass.
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  8. Hrairoo

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    Thank you! I really appreciate your valuable feedback and advice! I have a friend over and they are currently making the quail I processed yesterday, very excited! I got a new pack of shears and these should be good, I just tested them by cutting the legs off and the one bird that had the shattered wings.
  9. eHuman

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    Mar 14, 2016
    Well?!? How did you prepare it and how did it taste?
  10. Hrairoo

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    Fried it with some butter, basil, and garlic for the first one, tasted amazing! Second dinner was fried in coconut oil, slightly overcooked, but still good! :)

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