Processing age of various breeds - Marans, Ameracaunas, Leghorns


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
I have a mix of breeds in the incubator. We processed 6 roos last fall when it was evident we needed to be 6 roos less! They were all over a year old and the butcher even said they were tough BUT put them in the crockpot and you'd never know! Delicious!

So now I'm about to hatch 45 eggs. Once they are here, how long should I keep them around for best texture/flavor before processing?

The only true breed are the white leghorns. I guess they are typically for eggs but I got 28 (30, but 2 were broke) for FREE and we need to eat. So, they will be meat birds. The other breeds are not likely to be pure as they are all mixed in the same pen. But they are definitely Ameracauna, Marans (various colors) or a mix of the two now mated with a French Black Copper Marans or Splash Ameracauna.

If I have to process them at different times, so be it. But at what age should I take the Leghorns? How about the other breeds?

Thanks in advance!
I hatch barnyard mixes each year for my freezer.
I try to butcher them all at about 18 - 20 weeks old.
There's not as much meat on them like there would be on a meat bird, but they're very tasty!
That was the timeframe I was thinking, so glad to see I might be on the right track. Tasty is what I need! And the fact these were free eggs, i can't beat it!

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