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Aug 20, 2009
Ok, just got them, so we are a bit of time out. But trying to get it all together. I am curious, I keep reading about brining them, got it, large unused metal trash can, iced salt water, and then to the fridge to age.

questions: how long are they to stay in the ice water brine and HOW am I supposed to put 25 in the fridge? Is there an alternative way or do I have to tell the husband we now need a fridge in the barn for the aging of chickens?
I do mine in lightly salted ice water for 24 hours. Then I take them out, package them, and put them in the fridge for another 24 hours. If you're keeping them in the fridge, your only alternatives are to clean out your fridge or buy a second one. Otherwise, you'd probably be fine to just take them right from the ice water to the freezer. Keep in mind, salted ice water is not a "brine." Brining is heavy salt that will change the flavor of your birds. (I only keep saying this so that people won't think they have to brine their birds and then follow a brine recipe that leaves them with salty birds that they didn't want.)
Well, that combination works. Soak in the ice/salt water for 24 hours and then freeze. Then, pull it from the freezer a day earlier than store chicken and let age in the fridge. I like that idea. The soaking is for letting the blood all out, isn't it? Jaku- you are my new info source:lol: Thank you so much for being around for us new ones

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