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Dec 1, 2013
Nashville, TN
Closest place I can find to me wants $3.75 per bird and an extra $1 to separate. Is this a decent price? Seems high. Anyone in the Nashville area want to process 50 birds for me???

Due to the quality of services the price varies greatly. The person that pays $2. per bird then can't understand why the bird still has some entrails or lungs in the bird, or many broken legs, and or torn skin. The service provider that charges by the unit tends to cut corners over the provider who charges by the hour. Ask for references. Look at the facility, Is it licensed? Is it clean? Do they refrigerate? Do they provide bags? Ask what their procedure entails. Is there a Mobile Poultry Processing Unit available? Ask your County Ag Extension Service for help.
That about the going rate here.....

The main reason we use a processor is we have such a small number allowed by state law(1000) that can be processed with out a inspected facility.

Packaging is a very big part of our final product and what the customer sees first. Additionally all the birds are weighed and labeled, that makes it very easy when writing invoices.

With the cut-ups I charge additional to what I pay the processor, which helps with my final costs.

We have been looking at a complete feather man system, it runs about $5500. I want to do turkeys with it.

You can always do it yourself, depending on the restrictions of your state. This also depends on what your doing with the birds, if they are for your own use or for sale.

I look at processing fees as a cost of doing business, I can continue to grow without restrictions on numbers of chickens I can produce.

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$3/bird here in Oregon if only for personal/not for sale use. I don't know what it would be for the small scale commercial farmer. We do our own now because we want to be sure we get our own poultry back.

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