Processor left necks on


Feathers of Steel
Mar 30, 2008
Oxford County
Dropped off a crate of roosters for processing. Just picked up the bagged and vacuum sealed whole birds and noticed that the necks were not removed. Is this a common practice? Never sent birds for processing before.

I haven't had chickens done, but necks weren't left on ducks here.

I always leave them on though. It's rare that I actually roast a whole chicken, so the neck stays with the back, which I cut off and pack together for stock.
I process my own and leave the necks on or add them to the stock pot. Not a lot of meat, but some if you have patience.

The chickens really like the vertebrae. Good calcium. I put the bones in the chicken run after straining. Really efficient at cleaning up.
I've never sent birds for processing but I'd assume it is a lot like everything else. Different people do things differently. I don't know that there is a standard. Did you get the gizzard, heart, or liver back? Some people like those pieces, some don't. I process my own and use them all. I'd expect to get the giblets back but maybe some people don't want them.

Your first time is a learning curve. If this causes you any concern, now you know what to talk to them about before they process any more for you. It takes time and maybe special packaging for them to cut the neck off and give it back to you. Don't be surprised if the price goes up if you put in special requests.

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