Professional Lawn Care and Chickens


6 Years
Jun 24, 2013
~~I am about to have my lawn service come. They use the following on our lawn. Pre-M 19-0-5, Three Way Esters, Merit .02 19-0-5, Acclaim Extra. They always say to wait 24 hours until the kids can go onto the lawn, but the kids are only playing on the grass, not eating it like our hens. Is anyone out there familiar with the above products and will they be harmful to my chickens? They grazed on the lawn last year when we had this service and we didn't notice any problems, but I am wondering if it is a good idea. Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Thank you!
I've no idea what that stuff is, but you can look it all up online. In general, herbicides, fungicides, and weed killers are all toxic to everyone. I wouldn't use them, let my birds on that grass, or eat their eggs. Find out about those products before they are on your property. Mary

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