project: AutoChick Waterer/Feeder!!

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    Sep 18, 2011
    So here's my plan...


    SmartWater bottle (upside down VitaminWater bottle w/ cap works too)
    Dish that chicks can reach

    Making the waterer

    1. Poke 6 small holes or 3-4 big holes in near bottom of bottle/cap if you're using a VW bottle.
    1a. If youre using a vitamin water bottle, then cut off the bottom (which should be facing top, bottle is upside down)
    2. Put bottle in dish holes down. Make sure dish is tall enough to be just above the holes.
    3. Add water to bottle, but too much will make the dish flood. The bottle will sink to the bottom to make it easier to use and not "floaty". It will fill up the dish, and as the dish empties (chicks drink) bottle will refill dish. But you will have to refill bottle when it empties though. [​IMG]
    This waterer will prevent things like: chick poop, bedding, feathers, etc. from getting into water, and making it easier to refill.

    OR if you want a feeder then instead fill bottle to TOP with feed and simply shake the bottle every time the dish empties. Because the water "flows" more easily than feed, it auto refills more, but it can flood. Because the feed is less flowy, the feeder is less automatic, but it cant over flow unless you make it.

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