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Sep 16, 2013
Hi there,
I would really appreciate some help figuring out what is going on in my flock of Khaki Campbells. Their bellies are distended around their cloicas (sp?) and their egg production has dropped significantly. We had what we thought wasd probably a prolapse in one of them and this morning one of them could not walk much. She's walking some now but acting very strange. She's quiet and calm and doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain, but she stands in the corner of the coop with her neck outstretched and when she walks it's with her neck out. We realized they may have eaten some perlite because a bag was leaking where they forage and we didn't realize it. We culled the one with the prolapse because she was in such a massive amount of pain. I took the sick one I discovered this morning to the vet. I want to heal her and prevent this from happening again; I would love help diagnosing this. I'm thinking it's either the perlite or a nutrient deficiency. Thanks!
What did the vet say? Do they have duck experience?

Sad to read of your problems.

Could you go into more detail about their ages, how many drakes, what they are fed, access to water, those kinds of things?

I would get her into a lukewarm tub deep enough to float in for at least half an hour.

There may be a parasite problem, cannot say without more information.

Thanks for bringing it to the Duck Forum.
They are now one year and 3 months old. I have 2 drakes and 8 ducks. They are supplemented with Black Oil Sunflower seeds and laying pellets (it is mostly a free-range flock, but I give them some food twice a day). They live next to a pond and river.

I tried the lukewarm tub yesterday and I will try it again today, but I didn't notice improvements.

Vet in town didn't know much about ducks. I talked to a vet in the city and he said the perlite shouldn't be the issue.
I would see if I could get a fecal test done to look for parasites.

Are they getting free choice oyster shell or other calcium supplement? I have used 23% calcium gluconate, 1 teaspoon per half cup of water added to their feed.
They do get free choice oyster shells and I feed there egg shells back to them too. I'll try to upload a photo soon to help people understand what I am looking at.
Have you contacted anyone about doing a fecal test? Have you looked at their poop to see if there are signs of worms or blood?

I have heard of bluejays getting a disease that sounds similar to these symptoms.

I would call the state agricultural college and talk to their poultry professor right away.
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