Prolapse? Egg bound? Something else?

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    Jan 1, 2017

    We're new to chickens and, although we've navigated a few other injury/illnesses in the past year, I'm not sure what to do for this poor bird.

    Is it a vent prolapse? The mass that is covering her vent (protruding from it? Scabbed over it?) is hard. We've soaked her in Epsom salt and cleaned the area, which was poo covered, and it didn't seem to cause her any pain.... But it clearly needs to be resolved promptly.

    She was quite normal 3 days ago, but last night the kids noted lethargy. We make the discovery a few hrs ago.
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    Can you take her to a vet?

    It looks like a prolapse. If it has hardened, the tissue has most likely dried out and is beginning to die. Vet care is probably your best bet.

    If you need to treat at home, then you can try re-soaking in epsom salts, apply some hemorrhoid cream or honey and giving her some calcium. Keep the tissue moist with ointment to see if it will soften up - so it can possibly be retracted (pushed back in). You may need to do repeated soakings and applying of ointment.

    Make sure she is staying hydrated well. If you have some poultry vitamins to add to her water that would be good.
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