PROLAPSE HELP! go to the vet?


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Feb 8, 2011
Hi my chicken Bouillion I believe had a prolapse but I don't have a photo, I've been reading up on it and I think that what it was. I noticed it yesterday and she was acting totally normal, there was just a small red/pink protrusion with some poo on the end, like she went to poop but more came out... It was very wet even slightly drippy. Then it sucked in by itself!! She went an laid an egg right after. Now today everything looks normal but she hasn't laid an egg. She lays eggs everyday at 8:30 and its noon and no egg. I'm so worried about the prolapse and now I'm worried an egg could be stuck. I don't know what to do since the prolapse has seem to have gone back it by itself. I am willing to take her to the vet. But wouldn't the prolapse have to be out for them to stitch it in? I have also read that often the stitching fails but that was only from one person so if anyone has an experience orinput I would gretly appreciate it. If the stitching often fails unfortunately I don't think I will take her to the vet
but if there is an egg stuck maybe there is something I can do or a vet can do..? Gah! help please! I have a ferret that needs adrenal disease surgery too, thankfully they are often successful..but it will be a pretty penny! This is such a bad week!
If the prolapse isn't out, then it isn't a prolapse.

All hens go a day here and there without laying.
I would keep an eye on her in case, but so far it doesn't sound too worrying.

If she starts to look lethargic, sleepy, uncomfortable, reluctant to walk or eat... Or if she's straining without producing anything... Those are common symptoms that something is wrong.

Of course I'm just a general chicken owner, not a vet... Do what you feel best doing.
Dear XX: We had the same day today!!! My Isabelle had a slight prolapse today too!!! She had not been laying for awhile due to molting and other factors, but did either today or yesterday and I noticed a small protrusion and some blood/poop. I gently cleaned the area and put a little Prep H (for hemorrhoids)on and gently pushed it back in. It seemed to have resolved mostly before I had to do that, but felt the Prep would as least soothe it and keep it clean a bit. I too would have her sutured if I needed to. At least worth a try. Never had to before, so no experience. Just keep an eye on her. Izzy was eating, walking and scratching today, so she seems ok. Good Luck with all your "babies"!!!

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