Prolapse? Or normal?


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Jun 14, 2010
I have three young hens who came into their first lay in February. They lay almost every day. Today, only 1 egg; which was cold when I went to collect. I noticed tiny specks of blood on back wall of roost box. Examined hens. One, the smallest, had what I assumed was a prolapsed vent: about 1/2" diameter, pale pink, moist, clean, sticking out of her behind. When I was looking, a small amount of light brown fluid spurted out.

Went indoors to look up on Google. Out again in 20 mins to check; this time the 'prolapse' had vanished and the hen seemed completely normal.

Other things I have noticed lately:

Eggs more elongated than usual, and sometimes with hard little bumps of shell desposit on the outside. Increase in green and runny poos (although majority of droppings seem 'normal') - I thought this might be the massive greens intake from the veg garden leftovers and have cut back slightly.

No signs of anything other than normal behaviour, happy hens, eating, not pecking each other, bright combs and eyes. I have no idea who laid today's egg.

Only other change is that 3 days ago we started shutting them in roost at night (they have a secure fox-proof combined run and house on concrete) as they were making so much noise at 5am they were waking our neighbours. Their day now starts at 8am instead of 5am, as a sudden switch.

These things apply to all 3 chickens, though?

The thin chicken who had the cloaca popped out also has a bare, but not sore, underside where she doesn't have any feathers.

I read it is normal for the oviduct to come out when an egg is laid, and then retract. Might this be the case here - although the egg wasn't very recently laid.

Other than keeping an eye on her, any ideas/suggestions? Should I be giving her any supplements? They have complete layers pellets always available, with corn scattered once a day, and greens/leftovers once or twice a day. They don't free-range. They are due to be wormed soon, so might be that? There are no signs of any parasites. I wonder if the thin one is out of condition and may be at risk of prolapse even if at present it is popping back, and if so, what I should be doing to build her up?

We go away on holiday in 10 days and I am worried about leaving a possibly sick chicken with the neighbours to care for.

Many thanks for reading this and for any advice.


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May 27, 2010
Piedmont, NC
Hopefully, the experts will give their opinions.

That said, unless I missed it, there isn't mention of free choice oyster shell to boost the layers' calcium. It's a must, unless I've misinterpreted something.

Oddly shaped eggs can sometimes mean a hen is egg bound. There are many good threads on the subject. Just search for egg bound in the Google Custom Search at the top right of this page.

Good luck.


9 Years
Jun 14, 2010
Thanks for reply.

No, I don't give extra oyster shell. The feed has it added and the breeder said it wasn't necessary (I am in the UK, if that makes any difference!) Perhaps I should go get some from the country store this afternoon?


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Feb 23, 2009
Evesham, Worcestershire, UK
I'm in the UK too, and always give oyster shell free choice to my laying hens whatever feed they're getting, be it a 'complete' layer ration or whatever. If they don't need it they won't take any, but it's good to offer it.

My hens are very spoilt and do get lots of extras with their feed, so they go mad on the oyster shell - they know when they're low on calcium reserves.

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