Prolapsed/egg bound bantam

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    Mar 1, 2015

    Our white pekin bantam appears to be prolapsed. When she strains there is a large egg-shaped expansion which is bloody and sore. After straining hard for several seconds, a bit of faeces seems to come out and the prolapse recedes.

    Is there a recommended way to get the egg out? We're not sure whether to push back in (against the hard egg) but we have tried moving the opening and bathing in warm water several times.

    She is now pecking at the sore skin around the opening to open it up, presumably.

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    If the vent area is sore,bath her in warm water.

    I have never delt with egg binding bantams befor.After soaking her vent area in warm water,add Vaseline around the vent.Once this heals,try rubbing her stomach nicely and calming her.After this process ,it should help the egg come out.
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    Mar 1, 2015
    Thanks for the reply.

    She's been bathed four times now, twice today. Before, we injected some oil into the vent at different angles to try to lubricate it, and used some vaseline too. Having just bathed her again, it feels like the egg is sideways and not far from the vent. I've tried massaging to re-seat the egg in the hope it will come out as normal. She strained in the water and more faeces came out (soft). Still no sign of the egg, still looks red and swollen.

    She's now back in her box for a bit to relax.

    Any more advice gratefully received...
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    I would give her a dose of calcium (a tums or adult calcium tablet, crushed egg shell, or liquid calcium gluconate.) Put on a rubber glove and lubricate it, then try to manipulate the egg out as best as you can. Try not to break the egg. Honey and Preparation H applied inside and outside the vent can help reduce the swelling of the prolapse. Here are some other threads to read similar to yours:

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