Prolapsed vent on days old chick

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    My family received our day old chicks yesterday:jumpy:ya. One of our quail Antwerp Belgians has a prolapsed vent [​IMG] She is super teeny and seems to be having a little difficulty pooing, but she is getting it out. To make matters worse she is picking at the fluff around her vent. The others are leaving it alone though. Probably because she is so much lower than them and they can't see it. She is eating and drinking normally and is energetic enough. I have put save a chick vitamin/electrolytes in the water and mashed the chick starter with the water to make it easier to pass through her system. She is the loudest of the bunch and I don't know if it is because she is uncomfortable or because of her personality. I have tried both my pinky and a q-tip to push it back in. It stays for 20 seconds at most and then I can feel her muscles pushing against my finger or the q-tip. She seems to relax and even closes her eyes during the moments that it is pushed in but it doesn't last long.

    I searched for past postings on this but found mostly info on older chickens. One of them mentioned preparation H. Would this work for a baby so young?

    I just don't know what to do. Any info would be great.

    Thank you in advance.
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