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    Jan 24, 2011
    Before I go to work....I have researced via this site on how to treat a prolapsed vent. I found my favorite hen with a prolapsed vent yesterday:( She is still acting normally and doesnt seemed to be bothered like the rest of us.It is about the size of a small plum and is still very fleshy (not dry). One thing I havent read and she has is alot of white feces covering the area. I have seperated her and put her in dry clean area and put some apple cider vinegar in her water. Tonight the plan is with my husband to clean area with warm water, put honey on vent, let sit for 15 minutes and try to gently push back in. Does this sound like a plan to start? I am a little nervous and not concerned if she ever lays another egg. We just dont want to lose her. Thanks so much in advance...and for all the great info. [​IMG] Have a blessed day!!!!
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    I don't think I would wait till tonight to put something on it, you don't want the tissue to dry out, put some honey or prep. H on till tonight then try to push it back in if you need dh to help. you could also soak her to clean up the poop then put the prep or honey on there, is you leave it untreated you risk infection setting in.
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    Cleaning her up is pretty important so do that as soon as you can. Honey is a good prolapse treatment but in my humble opinion sugar is better. Try to treat her as soon as possible so the tissue doesn't dry out and it loses it's 'memory' of where it should be. Kind of like a rubber band that has been stretched out for so ling it won't go back to it's original shape.
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    The information on how to treat a prolapsed vent from Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living is posted here:

    followed these instructions immediately upon discovering the situation, and the hen recovered completely. I think that it's important to treat it as soon as possible too.
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    Well, we cleaned her up...placed honey on for 15 min. then tried to push back in. She pushed it right back out and tried to push more out. She is very clean at the moment, so to give her a break we put her in a cage in the house and placed her on a heating pad (only if she wants it of course) . Hopefully in the morning it will have gotten a little better then we will try again. Thanks for the advice, I have three little girls expecting me and daddy to save yet another one [​IMG]

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