proper feeding?


May 1, 2019
We use pellets mixed with a small amount of mealworms and oyster shells in their constant access feeder to our girls who are free to range in a fenced in yard. Once a day I call them and slowly toss out a handful of the pellets as a treat (this is for 6 chickens). Does this sound adequate but not over feeding?
What kind of pellets do you feed? That sounds like a good amount to me, as long as the feed that is always available is cleaned out regularly if your chickens are able to poop in it or if it gets wet from rain/dew.
Don't mix in the oyster shell. Put it in a separate dish so they can pick out however much they need at any given time- different birds have different calcium requirements. I'd also stop mixing in the mealworms, because those are a treat item high in fat and protein. Just give them feed in the feeder, a dish of oystershell nearby, and scatter some mealworms now and then for them to pick up.

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