Proper weight for RIR's


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Aug 27, 2009
I hope someone has some input on this. I hope that my six RIR's are coming up to weight properly. They are 4 months old and are around 4 Lbs each, I do have a "runt" that is a little over 3 Lbs. My searches indicate a full grown weight of 5-6 Lbs is expected.

They have a constant supply of food and I have been mixing the grit in. It is a TSC grower/finisher crumble. They just don't seem to be attacking it like they used to when they were younger. They do love their mixed birdseed (basically candy, I know - they only get a handfull every couple of days.) I rarely ever feel a bulge in the crop like I did when they were younger. They forage well when I let them out and show no signs of any illness, they are pretty active and alert, which is why I think they are just being picky with the feed. I do plan to worm them before they start laying (probably next year due to winter coming and their age and maybe even a moult) - or should I wait until spring to worm them?

I will be switching them to a SS grower/finisher pellet and give them free choice grower-sized oyster shell w/ layer feed till I see the first egg.

Thanks for the advice. I will introduce myself soon, I wanted to finish my coop so I can put pictures in the intro.


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