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    Jul 23, 2008
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    I ordered 2 Ancona pullets, 1 RIR, and 1 Partridge Penedesenca several months ago from MPC. I decided three weeks before the ship date that I wanted to change the order. It took a while to get someone on the phone as it was the first week of hatching and really busy there, but once I did the man who helped me with my order was above and beyond helpful.

    My region got hit by a snowstorm that delayed shipping one day so one of the Easter Eggers I added to the order was DOA. I was frankly surprised to see any of them alive, so counted myself lucky. I emailed two days later to ask about the leg color of the chicks I'd ordered as I'd thought Penedesenca have slate shanks. I was worried that it might have been this one that didn't make it. I was delighted to hear back from them right away, expressing regret that one of my birds had died, sending me a refund, and letting me know that the Penedesenca has pinkish yellow shanks. Whew!

    I would strongly recommend this hatchery and would shop with them again in the future should I need any chicks that the feed store doesn't carry.

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