Protect My Girls Please..


5 Years
Apr 24, 2014

I am not construction savy so I'm purchasing a coop from our feed store. I'm going to paint with porch paint and change out the locks on it. It has a raised enclosed roost area with a solid floor and the bottom is an open run area. However the run area has no floor. I'd like to attach some kind of wire bottom to protect from predators. I want my girls to be safe. I would imagine hardware cloth is too fine and chicken wire isn't strong enough. What should I use to protect my girls from digging predators? Thanks so much..
Search byc for "hardware cloth apron" for some ideas- you can apron out the hardware cloth on the ground so as not to bury it and it is supposed to help stop digging predators. That way the ground they are standing on is nice and scratchable - and won't hurt their feet.

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