Protection from peckers

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    So some of my girls have started to peck and pull out the feathers of the others. Mainly on their backside by the tail feathers. Two of them are getting the worst of it and one, my favorite, is beginning to get some small blood spots and irritation in that area. Should I put some ointment on it? We also thought maybe to put one of those saddles on even though we don't have a roo? I want to intervene before it gets any worse and we have to seperate her. We are trying to let them out to free range as much as possible but we have a large hawk that has been hanging around and even landing on top of the coop. Any ideas?
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    Give them some more protein in the diet first. Open a can or two of salmon or tuna.

    You can spray the red exposed areas with BlueKote and that will help also.

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