protruding/swollen vent?


9 Years
Jul 13, 2010
Eastern, NC
I know I've seen this topic before, but can not seem to find it. One of my chick's vent, who will be a week old tomorrow, looks swollen or protruding a bit. It had a little poo stuck to its fuzz below it's vent that I was able to get off easily. I soaked it's butt in a little warm water, but is there anything else I should do? Is this something that just needs to be watched? Or is this a sign for something more to come? Other than the it's vent, it is a very healthy, happy little one.
i had one with the same problem she was a very tiny banty chick and when she would poo it would stick to her and she ended up with a pasty hiney so i would just clean it often and i put a little bit of antibaterial hand stuff and vasoline on the area and she slowly and literally grew out of it as she got taller her problem went away

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