Pseudo Bumblefoot??

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    Oct 26, 2007
    I have a 9 year old Black Australorp hen who had a big red lump on the top of her foot last year. I pulled out what I thought was an old abcess on the bottom of her foot and treated her with antibiotics and wrapped her foot with ointment in it, etc. (Even though, after I pulled the "thing" out, the skin appeared totally healed around it).
    Shortly after that (less than 2 weeks), the top of her foot got red again and I could see a bump. I decided to ignore it for awhile, since it didn't seem to bother her. Well recently, I decided to look at the bottom of her foot because the red bump on top was getting larger, and it was the same brown hard thing. I just pulled it out in the coop and her skin was totally healthy under it. It made me start to wonder if this isn't bumblefoot at all, but rather she has a sunken area in the bottom of her foot that just tends to gather dirt. The "thing" I pulled out this second time looked exactly like the first one.......compacted soil. (about a half inch long and 1/4" wide. I'll try to attach a pic of her first one.
    What do you think?
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    That is very interesting. I've done the bumble foot surgery, and the "core" thing doesn't look like dirt at all. It was actually a hard whitish thing. My hen also got a bump on the top of her foot, that looked like a fluid filled balloon, which I drained. She always had trouble with that foot.

    I have heard that bumblefoot often comes back. You might be right about your hen's foot having a gap in it that collects dirt. I really don't know. I had to surgically remove my hen's bumblefoot core, and there was blood. I couldn't just pull it out, like you described.

    Maybe others will come along and have similar stories.
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    Jul 6, 2010
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    I have a hen with the same thing. I noticed her walking with a big bulge on each side of her middle toe. I picked her up and looked under her foot and there was what I thought was 2 black scabs. I took her in to treat her for bumble foot. To my surprise when I picked at it, it didn't feel like the bumble foot plug thing. I pushed on the top of her web between the toes and the poop plug came right out. [​IMG] Both sides of her middle toe has really deep pockets where what I call poop plugs grow. Now when I see the bumps I flip her over and pop out the poop. Nice to know someone else has experienced it.
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    Oct 26, 2007
    Thanks chickmom and dkosh,
    Both times this happened, I thought it was much too easy for "real" bumblefoot. I didn't even think of just pushing it out from the top of her foot. I'll try that the next time. Even if they have a extra large space under their foot, you'd think it would just come out in the course of their scratching around all day. Maybe we've discovered a new chicken affliction? haha
    Maybe initially it was a self-healed bumblefoot and now that area is just prone to fill up with stuff? I guess it bothers me more than it does the hen, since she doesn't limp or anything. It just looks painful from the top of the foot.

    Thanks for your replies!

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