Psycho Pullet

Lil Chickie Mama

10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I have one pullet that is about 14 weeks. At this point she is with the rest of the flock but she's a psycho! She'll run if they come close to her even if they aren't after her which they aren't anymore. All this I can understand, she's the lowest in rank. The one thing I don't get though, is that when I walk toward the coop, she will poke her head out the sides trying to get to me by running from one hole to another while avoiding the flock. I've checked her over for punctures and there's nothing so they aren't totally terrorizing her (and not at all when I'm there). When I go near her though she pecks at my feet! I thought she wanted me to pick her up so that's what I was doing and she seemed to calm down. If I sit down she'll run around my feet or under my legs or she'll jump on my lap. Then a few days ago while I was holding her SHE BIT ME! What?! Then yesterday, again I was holding her, she seemed happy, and for no reason again, SHE BIT ME! Is she just a psycho because she needs friends that accept her or what? I have a big bruise now...grumble...grumble....grumble....psycho chicken...grumble...
my hens bite me all the time...nothing bad though. One did chase my wife this morning so bad that she couldnt collect a egg lol.

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