Psyco chicken?


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Dec 16, 2010
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I am sure my polish pullet ,Stella ,has traded her brain for her feathers. She runs around the yard all day going " Ch ch chea ch ch chee!!!"
She is super scared of my bantam cochin hen (who is HALF my polish's size) and runs faster than a road runner when I get anywere near her. Is there anyway to make her calm the cheep down?
I've only had a few polish but they were all the most talkative chickens I ever saw. None were loud unless upset, but wow, such carrying on. My top hen told me they are terrible gossips, too.

Edit - Oh, "None were loud unless upset..."
If she is that loud, something is wrong. She could just be lonely, or it could be something else. Watch her as much as you can and you'll probably figure it out.
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How well can she see ? That puff of their can make them quite blind. You might want to give her a hair cut that might allow her to see better and not spook as much.
hehe yep, sounds like my polish. The one I have now has finally gotten more quiet but it still peep peeps a lot more than any others.

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