Pulled feathers from neck with blood on feeders


May 12, 2020
SW Ohio
I’m assuming some of the others started pulling her feathers from her neck but don’t know that for sure. She was fine when let out of the coop this morning and we found her this way tonight when we closed them up. I have about 22 chickens and no clue which one or bunch did it.

How do I help her and keep her safe from the others? This pullet is just over 9 months old and I’ve never had anything happen like this before.

this was the other picture I was able to get. She was fine when she went out this morning. I just want to make sure I don’t have mice or lice that may be causing this either.
The little spikes you see emerging from her neck, and legs, are pin feathers. A pin feather is the early development of a feather. The emerging feathers are often filled with blood, so any little nick, can cause a lot of hemorrhaging. Unless you see the birds physically bullying her often, just leave her alone, and the feathers should mature soon enough.

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