Pullet acting like rooster when I have a rooster in flock already


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Mar 22, 2020
Southeastern Pennsylvania
So long story short, on several occasions I have asked in the gender discussion boards about whether this chicken is a hen or rooster and every time people say it’s a golden comet hen (Didn’t know the breed either).

Well let me tell you, this hen is a total snot. She continues to peck at me when I go into the run and quite aggressively, thankfully she is only 4 months old and it doesn’t hurt but still it’s obnoxious. Today I also noticed aside from her comb looking large and rooster like that she has a spur bump on her leg. I currently have a rooster in my flock and wouldn’t be upset to have a younger one, but I’m just confused and will have to do something about her attitude either way lol.

Any help is appreciated!

Here are a couple photos

3 months


she’s the one on the right
Still a red sexlink/golden comet hen. Some hens are just aggressive. Is she aggressive to the other chickens, or just you?
Just to me, she is protective of the other pullet we got together as chicks. Whether that other pullet is out or not though she is just rude. Do you have any tips for dealing by with her? Sometimes I pick her up but then it just seems to irritate her more once I let her down.
I have a bossy pullet, she used to be aggressive toward me, pecking, fluffing herself up broadside at me, and one time she attempted to flog me, I saw on a post here to hold them upside down by their legs and put them under your arm like a football for about a minute. I did that a few times and she doesn't maliciously peck me any more. She still broadside stances me at a distance but doesn't approach.

Maybe that would work for you too?

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