Pullet ate snake whole, not sure if emergency or not


Mar 26, 2017
Dallas, TX
My 12 week old buff orpington just ate a whole baby snake that was approximately 8 inches long. Her beak basically became a vacuum and the little snake disappeared while she gulped it down whole. It didn't look right. Now she's roosting for the night--she's acting normal, but the incident just happened. Will she be OK in the morning? I keep picturing her with a whole snake in her crop. Thank you!
Thank you all, good to know. Up until now I was concerned that they'd get an impacted crop or something if they ate pieces of grass that were too long. Watching her gulp a fat baby snake was a real eye opener.
I had my old flock of hens gang up on a large black snake. Pecked it until the poor thing gave up and then they bit its head clean off. They actually used to chase moles and voles through our yard and peck them,but not eat them.

My current flock is way too lazy and young to do stuff like that. They cower at the sight of a bee :p
Wow I'm glad we don't really have an snakes, frogs, or lizards here! I think I'd be grossed out and worried seeing that LOL

We do have mice but they usually hide and I've never seen the girls eat any

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