Pullet & Cockerel Photo Contest - Ends June 5, 2015


Apr 27, 2015
Hello everybody! I love seeing pictures of young birds so I decided to create this photo contest. All photos will be judged by me so that winners can be announced quickly and contestant will not have to wait for other judges to supply their results. Please read the rules to this contest below:

1. You may only enter two different birds in the contest, and only three pictures of each bird are allowed. This means a maximum of SIX photos per entry (3 photos per DIFFERENT bird). I don't want one person posting 10 pictures of 10 different birds, it makes it difficult to judge.
2. Include each birds name, breed, age in photo, and purpose (meat, egg, show, pet) along with the photos.
3. Please do not post more than once. This will make the thread messy and hard to read. If you need to add more information to your post, please EDIT it and message me letting me know you edited your post.
4. This contest is limited to photos of CHICKENS only. Sorry, but no other poultry will be judged.
5. All photos must be of birds that are younger than 1 year but older than 5 weeks.
6. Please don't be a sore loser/winner.

Judging will come in three parts.
Part 1: This will be completed and posted by June 6. This part will consist of TEN contestants. These contestants will move on to part 2.
Part 2: This will be completed and posted by June 8. Five contestants will be announced. Those 5 will continue to part 3.
Part 3: This is the final stage - completed and posted by June 11. 3 winners will be announced - a first, second, and third place.
If finalists are not announced by these given dates and no reason is given as to why, please feel free to post or private message me to remind me!

NOTE: Judging is based on qaulity of photos, not the appearance of the bird (example: pullets/cockerels are known to look sickly/scraggly because of the process of their feathers coming in...this will not decrease your chance of winning)


Bird 1 -
Name: Elsa
Breed: White Marans
Age: 5 Weeks
Purpose: Eggs/Pet

Bird 2 -
Name: Tot
Breed: Salmon Faverolles
Age: 4 Weeks
Purpose: Eggs/Pet

I tried to make this post as detailed as could be so that nobody got confused. Sorry it's so long!! Good luck!

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