Pullet died unexpectedly... post mortem?

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    May 17, 2007
    I have been out of town for a week and had my folks watching our chickens. Our first morning back (yesterday) I found one of my welsummer pullets dead on the floor. She was still warm under her body. What I am wondering is what I should look for in a post mortem. I was wondering if she was maybe egg bound and my folks didn't notice, or maybe laid internally.... what would that look like when I open her up? Shania was one of the roos favourites and was pretty worn - I had a hen saddle on her but there was nothing unusual with that. I could use a few pointers on what to look for to try and figure out what happened to her. She was not yet a year old.... I hate not knowing Grrrrrr! I know that chickens die but I tend to take it rather personally as I try to take the best possible care of our birds.

    Thanks for any advice folks!
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    If she was still laying, probably isn't internal laying. Here are some links that helped me alot with my necropsies. The second link is wonderful.


    This one is part of the huge book "Disease of Poultry" online. You can do a search and view some pages, but cannot copy the excerpts. It is full of spectacular information and pictures of what organs look like with certain diseases. I think the book is about $500 if you buy it-yikes!


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