Pullet Has Runny Poops With Blood In Them

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    At first i thought my rooster had bloody poops so i seperated them. Nope my pullet has the runs bad and there is a good amount of blood in them. She has acess to our entire back yard and everything in it but i could not find anything that would cause her to have bloody poops. She seems active and her comb and wattles are bright red and she is eating and drinking well. I added apple cider viniger into there water and i have valbazen (sorry if i miss spelled ! ) since i have never wormed before . Should i go ahead and worm her ?? I can try and post pics of the poops if it would help. There is like little dribbles of blood on top . She is eating half oatmeal and half layena with meal worms as treats.
    And her butt is clean no poopy feathers. And she is 11 months. I have tylan if that would do any good but i forgot the dosing.

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    A number of things come to mind in your bird's case. First, prior to worming, get a fecal sample to a veterinarian or a local diagnostic laboratory. Most states have such a laboratory. That way if the bird is wormy, you know which worms are present and can tailor the treament. Second, is the bird laying? Sometimes the egg is too large for the vagina and causes a rupture or partially prolapsed uterus.
    A third possibility is coccidiosis. If coccidiosis is the problem, you need a drug specific for cocci. Lastly, trauma is a possibility. Another bird pecked this birds rear end

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