Pullet has sharp cough --help!!

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    My d'Anver pullet, 3 months old, has had a cough and an open mouth, trouble breathing, for a month. I treated her for gape worm, wrongly, when she just hung her mouth open all day & scratched her ears.
    then finally I took her to the vet when she developed a strong cough.

    Here are her symptoms:

    General look of malaise, tired all the time. Opens mouth for air frequently.
    Appetite: Yes but scant. Craves fruits.
    Cough begins early afternoon, worse by late afternoon. Like a sharp bark or chirp.
    Goes away until sleep. Cough is sharp & frequent all lnight.
    Bird looks ill-rested in the morning.

    The vet I saw was a bird specialist, with experience treating chickens. She said she heard no rattle of mucus iin the chest, but that the throat was a little inflamed
    She prescribed two antibiotics, which seemed like a shot in the dark, and said she didn't know if this would do it or not.
    The vet put her on Baytril and doxycycline I dose her with Baytril 8 am & 8 pm, and doxycycline at noon.
    After a week, her cough is no better and she's losing a little more weight and looks worse.

    Any experience with this, anyone???? I don't want to lose her.

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