Pullet/Hen with Broken Tow


10 Years
May 7, 2009
My 10 week old Pullet (or Hen. not sure when that switches) seems to have a broken toe.

I noticed her laying down in the run and went to check. Sure enough, one of her toes is bent back. No blood, no other sign of trauma.

She is limping, however still eating/drinking etc. She does seem to rest more often.

Is there anything I can do? Should I remove her from the others? There is only 4 total in a 4x5 coop. The others don't seem to be bothering her at this time.


Thanks for all your help. We are new at this, and although I have read as much as possible, first aid was not covered


10 Years
Feb 5, 2009
I've never had this happen, but I've heard that what you can do is make a cardboard shoe or pad, bend the toe into the correct position, and tape it to the shoe.

I wouldn't use antibiotics unless there is clear signs that it may become infected. As long as there is not external entry point for the bacteria, I should think it wouldn't get infected.

If she's in pain, you can give her some baby aspirin directly or in water. I'm not quite sure on the dosage, though, I'm afraid

If the others aren't picking on her, I'd let her be. She'll feel better being in familiar surroundings.

Hope she recovers quickly!


10 Years
May 7, 2009

Last night, we wrapped the toe utilizing a piece of cardboard.
I went out to check at about 10:30pm, and all 4 of them were huddled together on the floor of the coop.
I thought they were roosting at night, but not sure if they were there with the injured one.

Anyway, 8am this morning, I let them out and here comes the injured one without her bandage

When I manipulated the toe last night it didn't seem painful to her, however she is limping on that leg.
Wondering if I should let her go or try wrapping again.

She also isn't as perky as the others, but still eating/drinking.

Thanks again for any advise. It seems silly to worry about this chicken, I guess.


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Toes will heal on their own generally whether broken or just 'sprained'.

No need to splint unless it needs to be (if it is completely crooked) in order for it to heal straight.

If its already staight enough just leave it alone and as long as she is limping and perhaps a short time thereafter, keep your bird grounded and rested, as in don't give her access to roosts she may re-injure or distress the healing process by trying to over use her foot or by crash landing when getting off perch.

rest seems to be the best medicine for her at this point.

Most animals are stoach. Myhen busted her toe right at the joint, she wouldnt even walk it hurt her so bad and was swollen and black and blue but she tried her darndest to take a dirt bath and scratch for snacks....it was hard keeping her 'rested' I just took away perches as I knew crating her would distress her even more.

Good luck!

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